• Generic, matte and glossy materials
  • Physically based representation of metals and glass
  • Adjust material properties in realtime
  • Fresnel reflections and refractions
  • Transmittance
  • Texture-mapping
  • Bump-mapping
  • Normal-mapping
  • Adjustable IOR


  • Lighting and shadows casting from HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image)
  • Point- and area lights
  • Adjust color and intensity for each light source on the fly


  • Gamma correction
  • Various tonemapping algorithms
  • Adjust the tonemapping process in realtime


  • Turntable animation as ogg video or image sequence
  • JPEG, TIFF and PNG



  • Completely CPU-based
  • No specific advanced GPU requirements
  • Parallel architecture with full support for multicore and hyper-threaded systems
  • Near linear performance scale with added CPU cores
  • Supports 32Bit- and 64Bit-versions
  • One-for-All: Windows, OS X, Linux

Realtime Ray Tracer

  • Interactive WYSIWYG realtime ray tracing
  • Progressive rendering
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Physical based reflections
  • Physical based refractions
  • Physical based caustics
  • Environment shadow casting
  • HDRI lightning
  • Soft-Shadows
  • Global illumination
  • Dynamic environments


Scene modifications

  • Translate, rotate and scale selected polygon meshes and NURBS
  • Delete selected meshes and NURBS
  • Hide selected meshes and NURBS
  • Group and ungroup selected meshes and NURBS
  • Add and delete light sources
  • Compute normals with an adjustable threshold
  • Clean meshes to delete any unused polygons

Import formats

  • RenderGin native fileformat (*.rg)
  • Wavefront Object (*.obj)
  • Standford Polygon Format (*.ply)
  • Autodesk FBX (*.fbx)
  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max (*.3ds)
  • Collada 1.4 (*.dae)
  • Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (*.iges / *.igs)
  • Rhino 3D Model (*.3dm)
  • OpenSceneGraph Ascii (*.osg)
  • OpenScenegraph Binary (*.ive)
  • Design Workshop Database (*.dw)
  • Lightwave Object (*.lwo)
  • Standard for Exchange of Product Model Data (*.stp/ *.step)
  • Virtual Reality Modeling Language (*.wrl)